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Since 2002, we’ve helped organizations with big complex visions tell the big-picture story that can influence change and inspire transformation. Get Storied works with Silicon Valley giants, venture-backed startups, corporate innovators, global change-makers, and recognized thought leaders.



Our specialty is the story of disruption. Helping you convey the potential of the future into cultural alignment and meaningful impact.

Michael Margolis
Get Storied, Founder & CEO


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Michael Margolis Storytelling Keynote

Narrative Strategy

Discover frameworks that dramatically increase the perceived value and importance of your work.

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Narrative Strategy for Storytelling


Study a breakthrough model you can use every time you need to present your work and build buy-in.

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Storytelling Courses


Learn the process of storytelling for when your big idea challenges the current understanding of reality.

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Learn from top storytelling experts including Nancy Duarte, Peter Block, Carmine Gallo and other leading voices.

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Our Best-Selling Book

Enjoy a digital pdf version of our #1 Amazon best-selling book: A Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators.

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