Author Michael Margolis on April 6, 2016

Your Brain on Story: Kendall Haven

Applying the Science of Story to the Art of Effective Communications

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How science tracks the impact of story
  • The core elements of truly effective stories
  • How human brains are hardwired for story
  • The 8 essential elements of effective story structure

About Kendall

The only West Point graduate to turn professional storyteller, Kendall Haven also holds a graduate degree in Oceanography. Now a master storyteller, Haven has performed for over 6 million worldwide during his 30 year career and has led the research effort for the National Storytelling Association. and International Storytelling Center into the architecture of effective story structure and into the process of story-based influence and persuasion.

An internationally recognized Subject Matter Expert on the cognitive and neuro-science of story, Haven created the first detailed, tested model of dynamic story architecture that accounts for the neurology of how narrative material is processed, understood, remembered, and recalled in a receiver’s mind. His two seminal works (STORY PROOF and STORY SMART) have revolutionized our understanding of the neural and science aspects of effective story structure and present his major advances story and narrative theory: the Neural Story Net, the Make Sense Mandate, the Eight Essential Elements, Motive Matching, and the first explicit Story Influence Model.

Haven was the only storyteller or story writer recruited as part of the recent U.S. Department of Defense DARPA research program to explore the cognitive neurology of how stories exert influence. He serves as a story consultant to departments in various U.S. governmental science agencies (Navy, DoD, EPA, NASA, NOAA, and NPS) as well as for numerous corporations, nonprofits, and educational organizations and was selected as a featured presenter at the 2013 and 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival. Haven has published 34 books of and on stories and storytelling and has won 20 major awards for his writing and performance storytelling.

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