How to Tell a World-Changing Story

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How to Tell a World-Changing Story

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By Get Storied & Digital Storytellers

Michael Margolis from Get Storied and Mikey Leung from Digital Storytellers discuss, among other topics:

Understand how to use story as a disruptive force for good

Re-imagine how to communicate your world-changing idea

Learn how to crack the code for talking about taboo subjects

Leverage personal stories in the change-making process


Learn techniques to tell a story that transcends the status quo

Upcoming Lessons

Video 1: Why Are Stories So Important? (00:09:27)

Video 2: What Makes a Story? (00:04:31)

Video 3: Storytelling for Innovation & Social Change (00:08:48)

Video 4: Re-imagining Conflict (00:04:16)

Video 5: Storytelling for Skeptics (00:05:00)

Video 6: Deep Storytelling: Multiple Perspectives (00:04:58)

Video 7: The Role of Video in Storytelling (00:09:21)

Video 8: Democratic Storytelling: People Power (00:07:47)

Video 9: Story Literacy: The Multi-Storied Self (00:05:15)

Video 10: Realizing the Power of Your Story (00:07:36)


mikeyheadshotEvery function of an organization must be seen through the lens of narrative.

Mikey Leung
Co-Founder, Digital Storytellers


home_michaelprofile_129x129px-2xThe power of your story grows exponentially as more people embrace your story as their truth.

Michael Margolis
CEO, Get Storied


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