The Collective Psyche of Brand Storytelling

Noah Brier deserves major street cred for his latest project Brand Tags. This cool little website collects individual word associations related to global brands. Anyone can co to the website, and input one word or a phrase that captures your personal brand impressions of Apple, Google, Pepsi, Red Cross, and dozens more. Its a fascinating branding exercise, reminiscent of a Brand-driven Rorschach Test. Just imagine what we might learn as the database of tags grows…currently 1.1 million impressions and counting. Results are even displayed in cloud view!

Now, if you’re in the brand business (or even just a student of the topic ), I hope you know of Kevin Roberts’ work — Lovemarks, and his even better sequel, the Lovemarks Effect. But have you spent any time on the complimentary web site called Launched several years ago, the lovemarks website invites anyone to nominate a brand as a lovemark – but it gets interesting: you are asked to tell a story explaining why this brand plays such a cherished or important role in your life. The thousands of anecdotes shared to date are quite personal and profound, and speak volumes about the role of brands in our modern lives.

Both websites serve as wonderful examples and learning platforms for Brand Storytelling and its psycho-emotional depths.