Just Discovered: the Narrative “Rosetta Stone”

After thousands of hours of research, decoding, and translating, academics at Oxford University are reporting the biggest narrative discovery in 30,000 years. Dr. Gavin Horsley has made a revolutionary breakthrough. It’s going to redefine our approach to storytelling here at Get Storied, it’s that big! “OXFORD, ENGLAND—Explaining how the timeless clash between the two sides …

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3 Simple Ways to Start Your Story

Let’s be honest: one of the hardest things to decide is where to start your story. If you don’t know where to begin, you don’t really know where to take things either. It’s easy to feel like you’re chasing your tail. The good news is there are several simple ways to start your story, whether it’s your vision story about the future — or a look back into history! Try on these three simple phrases in your own narrative.