Believe Me… or Not: How I Wrote a Book in 90 Days

Think July in New York City. Hot as balls. Other than braving the humidity once in a while to meet my new girlfriend, I holed myself up in my apartment, window air unit cranking, calling up food delivery every day. Just me, my laptop, and a white-board with a cut-out image of a raging fire on it. Something was bubbling up inside of me. I had to get it off my chest. When I looked around me, I saw a bunch of people living inside a smaller story. I realized that storytelling was much bigger and deeper than most of us were willing to admit.

Are You Connecting With Your Audience? The Big Audience “Blind Spot” We Often Miss.

One of the biggest blind spots in marketing is thinking of your audience in abstract terms. We forget that our audience is actually real, living people with emotions and needs and struggles. The more you design a story with empathy—imagining the everyday needs and interests, the inner conflicts of your audience—the better your chances that they will hear what you have to say.