StoryU: A New Community For Learning

I love to learn. You probably do too.

I’ve always been curious about…well, everything.

Except…school sucked. The Swiss aren’t exactly known for their creative mojo.

Structure, efficiency, cheese-making, yes. Playfulness and imagination, not so much. School was a stifling experience. It was never quite abusive or mean. It was just… parochial. A bit narrow in thinking and scope. Who makes kids learn penmanship using a fountain pen?

Imagine: 5-year-old me staring blankly out the window, “This is it? This is all we get?…[At least they serve good chocolate at snack time]”.

What was your school experience like? Did you thrive and enjoy the thrill of achievement? Or were you disappointed in the version of the world you were being taught and asked to conform to?

For many of us, school was a source of pain and frustration. It was preparing us for a world that no longer exists. This is the classic setup for many of us on a path of transformational change.

Because the world doesn’t make sense, we seek out a new story.

We’ve all had experiences that the world doesn’t make sense the way we expect it to. We’ve probably all thought: “There’s something about this that doesn’t add up.”

This often means that we become the difficult student. The problem child. The class clown. We’re either under-achievers, or we ask too many questions. And all of these are symptoms of the larger core problem: we don’t feel like we fit the world we’re being asked to be a part of.

So I’ve never been one for traditional learning environments.

You probably aren’t either. Which is why our StoryU platform offers something different:

Learning by immersion. Learning by doing. Learning by collaboration.

Bring whatever you’re working on in the world, and our learning community can becomes your storytelling laboratory. You can find inspiration in what other business storytellers are building. We have curated material to serve as reference points. You have a vehicle for getting feedback in real time with our Live Office Hours. To accelerate you on the path of business and transformation storytelling.

Most importantly, you don’t have to be alone.

For all the buzz of storytelling, it can still be a lonely path.

Many of us share the same archetypal journey: the truth-sayer, and the lone wolf. Neither are the easiest or most popular roles to play. They’re held apart, often standing alone, with the weight of your words hanging over you. It’s common to be rejected and ridiculed. You come to believe that the way to work deeply and effectively is to do it on your own. You carry on your path, whether others join you or not.

Yet, storytelling is all about relationships.

Stories don’t happen in a vacuum. Storytelling is about the relationship between things; the relationships between people. So it makes sense that if you want to master transformational storytelling, you have to do it in community. This has been the hardest part of my own journey. Which is why we’ve been inspired to create StoryU, so you don’t have to go at it alone yourself.

Now is your chance to be part of building a learning environment that works for your journey, your development, and your experience.