Storytelling Workshops

Are you looking to build storytelling as an organizational capability?

Get Storied offers the world’s most comprehensive storytelling training in business. Long before storytelling was a fad or trend, we have been teaching storytelling to thousands of innovators, change-makers, and marketers.

How We’re Different

While many others teach “how to tell a better anecdote”, Get Storied can teach your people how to strategically “think in story.” This means your team will learn how to better communicate their ideas, frame innovation/change, and create meaningful empathic connection. If you are trying to humanize your business, shift perceptions, or deepen cultural engagement, our unique approach provides inspiring and consistent results.

“How do you translate anything new and different into cultural acceptance?”

Our specialty is the teaching of storytelling in the areas of innovation, marketing, culture, change, and transformation. When we say transformation, we really mean it. Through an interactive and proven methodology your team will learn how to apply the principles and practice of storytelling to their biggest communication priorities. Even in cultures that may be more analytic or cerebral.

Client List

Our 10-year long inquiry has led us to training more than 20,000 professionals at organizations including: AARP, Audubon, Adventist Health Systems, Bloomberg, Marriott, The North Face, The Nature Conservancy, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, PwC, SAP, UN Foundation, and Zappos. We are equally versed across corporate, social, and public sector. The strongest indicator of our work: More than 90% of our clients become repeat clients.

Workshop Topics:

  • Brand Story Mojo: How to find your voice to become a bad-ass Brand people love.
  • Innovation Adoption: 7 Storytelling reasons why innovation fails and how to overcome them.
  • Chief Storytelling Officer: What every CMO and CEO needs to know about storytelling and how to lead with it.
  • Culture Creation: When and how to change the stories that shape the fabric of our lives.
  • Re-Imaging Change: 5 traps of social change and how to tell a more seductive and engaging story.
  • Character Rules: How to build an authentic personal brand using the secret mojo of storytelling.

Discuss Your Training Needs

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