Story Blueprint: 2-day intensive for game-changing innovators

Tuesday July 10 – Wednesday, July 11
New York, New York

Learn how to tell a better story, engage a broader audience, and create wider appeal for your brand, cause, or product.

It’s hard to explain visionary, innovative, or game-changing efforts. And it’s even harder when your brand, business, or cause is facing reinvention or repositioning. Reinvention can be painful and messy — but it’s also full of unbounded potential. Story Blueprint is a 2-day live intensive for game-changing innovators who believe there’s a better way to tell their story.

The Storytelling Matrix is an invisible field where collective thoughts, emotions, and perceptions reside. 

When your story is aligned, you can literally move mountains. And when it’s not, you’re stuck, lost in translation, or feel like you’re missing something (you’re just not sure what it is). There’s always a way to tell a story so that it resonates with a wider audience. Often your current story is organized, structured, or sequenced in a fashion that’s holding you back. With a few reframing steps, your story will shine in new and profound ways.

Who Will Benefit from Attending?

This 2-day intensive will be of interest to CEOs, division heads, marketers, executives, brand managers, and fundraising personnel. Especially, any change-maker, innovator, or visionary with a high-stakes story to tell.

You have a lot at stake. You might be repositioning your brand, raising millions, launching a product, sharing a life-affirming message, or facilitating culture change. But lately, it seems the story is getting lost in translation. You need a fresh way of framing your work so the story can truly shine.

What Will You Learn?

  • Message Framing: How to recast a complex business, cause, or product into something more approachable and meaningful
  • Storytelling Matrix: How to decode the underlying algorithm of your core story
  • Brand Story Architecture: The 3 elements of every brand story and how to build it
  • Your Personal Story: Why your role as a messenger can’t be ignored — and must be determined
  • Hero Dynamics: Who should be the hero of your story — and why that matters
  • Audience Empathy: How to truly connect emotionally with your audience
  • Brand Voice: Where to find your point of view and take an original stand
  • Campaign Structure: How to design a story-driven initiative for bringing your message to life
  • Overcoming Resistance: How to create engagement and buy-in at every step of the way
  • Testing the story: Simple ways to validate your new story and refine the message for even more acceptance
  • Culture Leverage: How to align your brand and culture for greatest impact

What’s the Format of the 2-day Intensive?

Story Blueprint is an executive-style program in a small-group and intimate setting.

You will interact extensively with me and your esteemed co-learners through teaching modules, exercises, group discussions, and the actual blueprinting of your story. This includes peer to peer feedback and live coaching.

This intensive is taught in an action-learning format that leads to immediate learning and application. You will also learn and take away practical storytelling frameworks to support your thinking and process going forward. We currently have room for up to 30 participants.

The intensive runs each day from *9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with one hour (12:00 to 1:00) off for lunch on your own. Snacks & beverages are provided. Manhattan location to be confirmed. 

Why I am Teaching this Program?

This workshop is based on my 15 years experience as a social entrepreneur, a message architect to big brands, and the creator of a DIY media empire. For the first time ever, I’m sharing my brand story methodology in an extended workshop setting. Get Storied’s approach is remarkably adaptable.

Past applications of this methodology include:

  • Preserved funding for a $22 million NASA education program
  • Repositioned the brand and business model of a large women’s nonprofit
  • Created buy-in for the $70 million reinvention of a Marriott brand
  • Increased the adoption of technology for Ernst & Young around the globe
  • Transformed the culture of innovation for a $30 million industrial organization
  • Developed better brand storytelling for Omnicom and other ad agencies
  • Trained hundred of environmental fellows at the National Audubon Society

This is not your typical workshop on “performance storytelling” or how to share a better anecdote. Thought you will obviously learn some of this. This is a specialized course on the strategic “bigger picture” application of storytelling. You will learn key principles for how to tell the change story of your brand, cause, or message. Plus, how to turn that story into an exciting reality embraced by others. Through the process you will become a better communicator, a better leader, a better agent of change – and a better storyteller.

Extra Value Bonuses You Receive

Attendees receive a range of bonuses (worth $4,500 of extra value):

  • Live action-coaching during the 2-day intensive ($600 value)
  • Chance to submit a draft of your story blueprint for review ($2,500 value)
  • Free access to future e-offerings derived from this content ($1,200 value)
  • Interview with Dan Mezick, author of the Culture Game ($100 value)
  • Signed copy of my Storytelling Manifesto ($17.95 value)
  • Plus more surprises…

Is This The Right Fit For You?

Since this is Get Storied’s first public intensive, we’re offering the program at a substantial discount. There are a few requirements you’ll need to accept first:

  1. You’ve got a project, product, or initiative that’s ready for brand story mojo
  2. You like the idea of an entrepreneurial “get sh*t done” sort of affair
  3. You know this storytelling stuff is for you, you’re just not sure how to do it yet
  4. You prefer to high-impact learning over long-winded lectures
  5. You will complete a needs questionnaire in advance of the workshop
  6. You will complete our evaluation survey at the conclusion of the workshop
  7. You’re ok with possibly filming the contents of this 2-day intensive
  8. You’re willing to be interviewed about the learning process and experience
  9. You’re open to the idea of featuring your company as a case study
  10. You’re ready to participate in a hands-on brand story intensive

Register Today For Big Savings

This is the first time this storytelling methodology is being made available in a 2-day intensive format. A comparable workshop of this depth and value would easily cost you $2,000 or more. In comparison, clients have paid 20-50 times that amount for access to the same thinking and process. You have the chance to interact and learn from me directly at a fraction of the price.

The earlier you register, the more you can save.

$2,000 Regular Price

First 5 registrants can register for just $750 (save $1,250)
Next 10 registrants can register for just $997 (save $1,000)
Next 10 registrants can register for just $1,250 (save $750)
Next 5 registrants can register for just $1,497 (save $500)

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