I loved the half-day workshop on [Storytelling and Corporate Innovation], and am spreading the word. I think you are doing the next important thing in corporate culture. I would love to attend anything that you are teaching.
– Mary Berry, SVP, Corporate Communications/HR, Wells Fargo

I feel that I have just participated in a transformational ‘restarting’ point for our agency. We now have the fundamental tools and motivation to reframe our identity.
– Jill Matro, Program Services Dir, Big Brother Big Sisters of Honolulu

Michael is an inventive instructor and a compelling storyteller for the Schulich School of Business. The students he works with are senior executives (VP and above) in the MarCom industry. In his sessions he links a brand narrative framework to business innovation. I recommend Michael highly to any organization looking for a creative approach to telling its brand story.
– Paul Dillon, Mgr. of Learning Strategies, Schulich Executive Centre

Great new insights for handling the paradigm shift in non-profit business.
– Chuck Remington, Dir. of Field Support, National Audubon Society

Michael has a great way of breaking down an overwhelming task (determining a compelling Brand Story) into manageable steps.
– Ami H., Manager, R&D Innovation Lab, McCormick & Company

Michael not only is a great storyteller but understands the intricate nature of the impact of stories on an organisations culture, past, present and future. Michael’s passion and knowledge of the topic makes his presentation highly engaging and relevant to any audience.
– Rowdy McLean, Speaker, Consultant, Author of GET REAL

Realized the story is the key to change, and to be passionate about the cause. Extremely helpful session that kept everyone involved. Michael is a great speaker.
– Lori Piper, Center Administrator, Audubon of Florida

You could see the paradigm shift in the room and there was a measurable behavioral change among the participants. You also impressed attendees from the federal government. You added a lot to the conference and you made us look great! In summary, you rock.
– Jim McMurtray, Executive Director, NASSMC

Michael you were engaging and raised many points that I think are not discussed often enough in the “nonprofit world”.
– Stephanie Gray, Program Coorindator, NYSARC – Rensselaer

Michael presented to an over-capacity crowd at MENG on the importance of reinventing your brand story. The crowd of senior marketing executives was captivated; a lively discussion ensued and the meeting ran way over. A great success!
– Karen Hochman, President, Marketing Executives Networking Group

The ‘tooling’ to support developing the Brand Story was really invaluable. Thank you! I got a good road map to discover the meaning and essence of our parent brand.
– Girija R., Head of Biz Dev, International Indian Clothier

You are remarkably good at reading the audience. I felt encouraged to participate.
– Melissa Hopkins, Prgm Mgr, Together Green, National Audubon

Michael proved to be an excellent facilitator…You made marketing fun and easy to understand to a room full of nonprofit community leaders. You clearly know your subject and how to craft a meaningful learning experience.
– Pat Henry, Director, Strengthening Partners, DC Mayor’s Office

Your session deconstructed the meaning of telling a brand’s story in a fascinating way that is also a practical guide for brand marketers.
– Rachel Geller, Chief Strategic Officer, The Geppetto Group

The workshop did a great job of articulating complex and nuanced concepts, while giving each of us lots of personal attention.
– Erica G., VP of Marketing, Donorschoose.org

Refreshes your perspective on life and remind you of your inner values. Very motivating!
– Jenn Cosi, Senior Vocational Coordinator, Schoharie County ARC

You captured the participants’ imagination both by your style and content. Since marketing techniques are basically like speaking another language…your encouragement to expand our thinking was very important.
– Ken Kovach, Ohio Science and Mathematics Coalition

Thought-provoking and insightful. The workshop helped me to think about crafting our story with more structure and clarity. I’m looking forward to sharing this with the team back at the office.
– VP of Marketing, Online Gaming Community

In an hour and a half, Michael made us see how our stories can inspire greatness.
– Christine Denton, Hab. Coordinator, Liberty ARC

Michael’s workshop made me reconsider how we are selling ourselves and what we need to think about to make our Brand Story more compelling.
– EVP, Online Security for Kids

The presentation did not feel like a presentation – but rather a hands on learning experience. I enjoyed learning about the concepts and approach you use and I believe this will have great value for our network.
– Sue Neuen, California Science and Mathematics Coalition

What a wonderful staff session! You are one of those on a great path to Mastery…Your presence, persistence, passion and questioning all supported us in really taking a “hard look” at who we are…great team-building and company-building value.
– Caela Farren, CEO, MasteryWorks

I would absolutely recommend Michael. His delivery of information kept my interest from beginning to end.
– Amanda Phillips, Direct Placement Coordinator, Citizen Advocates

Very valuable and worthwhile. A different way of looking at my work
– Wanda Peters, Education Manager, Audubon Wyoming

Michael is knowledgeable, funny, and very effective at explaining stories as the key to branding.
– Thomas Lydon, COO, Lifespire

A great tool to add to our toolbox to make a difference
– Charity Krueger, Executive Director, Aullwood Audubon Center

This was incredibly relevant information presented in an accessible way that all agencies can benefit from.
– Brianna Goff, Program Manager, Capabilities

Absolutely, wonderful speaker; clear, direct, informative.

– Mira Bowin, Job Developer, Gateway Community Industries

I’ve been tasked with marketing our Texas Coastal Program. This gives me a great start and wonderful ideas.
– Iliana Pena, Director of Conservation and Education, Audubon Texas

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