Get Your Story Straight

Get Storied works with select organizations at the executive level to facilitate large-scale shifts in story, brand, and culture.

We typically partner with the CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, or senior leader of a major organization. We facilitate conversations amongst your team on  issues of strategy, branding, culture, and marketing.

Through this process you learn how to see the bigger story, determine areas of alignment, and find the competing storylines that stand in your way. From day-long workshops to multi-year engagements, we have extensive experience supporting your journey of business transformation. Especially if you want to disrupt your industry, redefine a cause/issue, or transform the broader culture.

As trusted advisors, we provide the following value:

  • Translate vision/strategy into a story everyone can relate to
  • Ensure your high-stakes initiative doesn’t get lost in translation
  • Guide how you frame the story for heightened receptivity and engagement
  • Accelerate the ability to innovate and execute by sustaining your culture
  • Shift the way key audiences and stakeholders perceive you

Your story is the most vital instrument to anchor a transformative idea into reality. Which is why we believe Storytelling Architecture is the missing link between innovation and marketing. Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It needs (1) a Core Story people can identify with, (2) mapped to your origins, values, and aspirations, and (3) calibrated to your culture’s evolving identity. This breakthrough process is both art and science, as it requires an intuitive sensibility of system dynamics and human behavior. This is the quest of Get Storied. It’s why we’re dedicated in service to organizational systems at the growing edge of their industries or sectors.

The real reasons most innovation initiatives fail:

  • There is no story alignment at the leadership and strategy level
  • Drive for self-validation hijacks the organization’s authentic storyline
  • Critical dimensions of culture and identity are under-estimated
  • Change is framed as a judgment and repudiation of the past
  • Individuals and stakeholders can’t find themselves in the new story
  • Big promises are not translated into new experiences, rituals, and habits
  • Larger story and underlying motivations are lost in translation

When you’re facing a period of growth, change, or turn-around, you need a story that others can buy into. Your ability to lead and succeed depends on whether others believe in the new story that you’re presenting. Our breakthrough approach helps you craft the bigger story and align it across the business operations. Our methodologies provides a systematic approach for driving change across your culture.

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