Natasha Giraudie: Short Films, Big Impact

Just released, “Short Films, Big Impact” with Natasha Giraudie , from StoryU Live 2015.


Natasha Giraudie, CEO of Micro-Documentaries is one of the wisest people I know in the world for how to use storytelling to humanize a brand, inspire action, and fuel a social movement.

How can you use short cinematic storytelling to advance your work?

Discover what Natasha has learned after producing over 2,000 films for brands and causes including the Clinton Global Initiative, (RED), Cisco, Patagonia, and Stanford.

Watch the video to learn original insights including:

  • How to bring your brand’s message to life in a 1-3 minute video
  • Who is the “narrative guardian” and why every project needs one
  • How a short micro-doc can inspire massive legislative change
  • The difference between “overview content” versus “original content”
  • Why a journalistic approach can humanize any cause or issue
  • A free tool for creating the best video shoot anywhere in the world

It’s worth watching the video all the way through as Natasha shares countless examples and unexpected insights all the way to the end that are relevant — even if you don’t do video stories.

About Natasha Giraudie

Natasha founded Micro-Documentaries with a vision to make compelling cinematic filmmaking accessible to all social innovators in order to fuel their movements, raise funds, and mobilize support. She regularly speaks and writes about storytelling, short documentary film production, and distribution for purposeful businesses and nonprofits. Prior to Micro-Documentaries, she was CEO of Papilia, where she helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars with an innovative stewardship software that showed donors the difference their gifts make. She started her career in her native Venezuela filming adventure and nature documentaries distributed through the Discovery Channel.

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