Marina Terteryan

Service & Experience Designer

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Marina is a seasoned human-centered designer and innovation facilitator with a specialty in service design and experience design. She teaches service design, facilitates workshops internationally, and gives talks and serves on panel discussions for a variety of industries. As an advocate for design and innovation, she hosts the world’s first service design podcast called Why Service Design Thinking, which is downloaded in more than 100 countries. She gives back to the community as an executive producer of the Los Angeles edition of the Global Service Jam and a co-founder of the Los Angeles Service Design event series.

Marina holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Design Management at Parson’s School of Design (The New School) and is currently authoring a book on sustainable design strategies. She believes that the world would be a better place if everyone worked by the principles of service design, lived by the principles of jazz improvisation, and used ergonomic standing desks.