Using the lessons of this storytelling toolkit, you can increase the perceived value and impact of your public library in the community. 

This free 44-page toolkit teaches you:

How to up-level the strategic story of your public library -- and shift how key audiences perceive your role and value in the 21st century. 

Do people still read books?
Can’t you just find it on Amazon or Google?

The future of libraries is under debate.
Take back control of your story. 
This toolkit teaches you how. 

The 5 most important tips: 

  • Learn key storytelling trends for increasing the perceived value and importance of your library

  • How to engage staff, trustees, and local leaders to become more confident and passionate advocates

  • The tools to create alignment around your library's strategic story and tactics for sharing it

  • How to refine your message for different stakeholder audiences and their different perceived needs

  • How to structure your story as a memorable message that makes people feel good about their future

Original created on behalf of the State of Pennsylvania, these resources are published under Creative Commons. As a gift to the library sector, we encourage you to share them freely with your colleagues.