Interview: Desda Zuckerman and Your Soul’s Bigger Story

The New Storytellers: Desda Zuckerman

In this latest installment of The New Storytellers, I talk 1-on-1 with Desda Zuckerman, a lifelong seeker of the esoteric mysteries. Her study of the subtle energy she witnesses around all living things has lead to the founding of Core Individuation, an intentional healing modality and the mapping of sacred human anatomy. If you are a seeker who wants to accelerate your power, presence, and heart — this is the real deal.

I’ve been working with Desda and Core Individuation for almost a decade and have experienced profound shifts and transformation on a consistent basis. Frankly, nothing else has worked for me as dramatically and consistently as Core Individuation. My rapid reinvention over the past two years was significantly accelerated and catalyzed by this work (with guidance from senior practitioner Barbara Musser). If you want to know one of the secrets to my exponential growth and vision, THIS is it!

What You’ll Learn in This Interview:

In my interview with Desda, we discuss the idea of a bigger story/container for the human energy structure, and how you can start to work with the higher aspects of your soul’s story. Desda is about to publish the most extensive and revealing book on the human energetic structure, with techniques to deepen your own awareness and consciousness. Want to get in on the goods? Join her KickStarter campaign to activate your deepest mojo.

The book is Your Sacred Anatomy, An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure which I strongly recommend you check out.

Go Deeper into the Story

Learn this stuff and you will find greater presence, courage, and knowledge of yourself. Join Desda by becoming a  partner in publishing the most comprehensive and contemporary description of subtle human anatomy ever written. Your Sacred Anatomy, An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure, is a fully illustrated 300-page reference book. Both drawings and text explain subtle anatomy in greater detail than ever before, answering age-old questions about how it works and why this matters to us today. Your Sacred Anatomy, An Owner’s Guide to the Human Energy Structure, invites readers into a deep awakening of expanded human potential. A modern marriage between scientific, spiritual, and medical knowledge, this artfully arranged book reveals long-hidden maps to the anatomy of the human energy structure. Check out the KickStarter campaign for more mind-blowing info.