Author Jodi Bepler on March 18, 2015

Five Favorite TEDx Storytelling Talks from Furman

A year ago this week, Michael was on stage at TEDx FurmanU, where storytelling was the theme for 2014. In honor of StoryCorps winning the $1 million dollar TED prize, we’ve pulled together a collection of our favorites from last year’s event at Furman University.

Grab some chocolate, sit back, and enjoy these big hearts as they explore the impact of story on all of our lives.

Andrew Forstoefel // Catalyzing Connection

Lisa Cron // Wired for Story

Felicia Pride // We’re All Characters

Jonathan Gottchall // The Storytelling Animal

Michael Margolis // The Stories We Choose to Live


Can’t get enough TED? Check out the rest of the talks from FurmanU, or get your geek on with Drew Gneiser’s excellent list of 10 Best TED Talks on Storytelling. And don’t miss TED’s How to Tell a Story playlist, a collection of talks that’ll get you working your story mojo like a pro.

What’s your favorite source for storytelling inspiration? Tell us in the comments below!

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