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Discover the power of storytelling for grown-ups with serious important jobs.

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What is a Big Narrative?

Every engagement begins with a Big Narrative — the cohesive big picture story that ignites, inspires, and influences change. Come away with a Message Map and Slide Deck that helps you rock your next high-stakes presentation.

Unify your theme and vision

Message Map
Core Story told in a single page

Slide Deck
8-10 slide visual deck


Recent Engagements

  • Facebook vision wasn’t getting the full attention it deserves. Get Storied crafted a strategic narrative to align the product team, inspire stakeholders, and influence at the highest levels of the company.
  • Get Storied built storytelling as an organizational capacity for enterprise sales team.
  • Get Storied crafted a strategic narrative to align new products and the team, designed, and facilitated workshops around the new narrative.
  • Greenpeace sensed the need to shift its message, tone and method of advocacy as values evolved in the social marketplace. Get Storied built a new campaign model for Greenpeace with aspirational messaging that emphasized personal connections.
  • Get Storied advised the CEO, led off-sites for physicians and hospital administrators, and designed "Best Practice" guides to shift the culture of physician/hospital collaboration.

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