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Narrative Strategy for Visionary Leaders

Imagine if you could convey your big vision with the right positioning, frame, and message. If you had a strategic story that truly moves the world. What would stand in your way?

Michael Margolis
CEO and Founder, Get Storied

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You’re working on an epic scale. Don’t let your message get lost in translation. For 15 years, we’ve served the leading-edge. Ready to climb a next summit together?

Monica Reed Headshot

I turn to Michael for forward-thinking conversations I can’t really have with anybody else. How to tell the big story to a wide range of audiences, each with their own complex needs. Our 1:1 retreat was a powerful inflection point around my calling and the next chapter of my leadership journey. The work still reverberates.

Monica Reed
CEO, Florida Hospital – Celebration Health

Gary W. Goldstein Headshot

A best-in-class story sherpa. Through executive coaching with Michael I’ve experienced direct immediate results as co-founder of a maverick venture in the music business. We quickly distilled and articulated the story of our unique value proposition, and how to speak about it in an intriguing way.

Gary W. Goldstein
Former Hollywood Film Producer, Pretty Woman

Elke Dehner Headshot

Working with Michael had a profound effect on my thinking and strategy. He taps into a wisdom that is anchored in compassion and a deep understanding of an organization’s dynamics and opportunities. As a museum of Buddhist art and ideas, we connect wisdom traditions to contemporary lives. Michael helps us tell a story that honors more of this depth, with particular relevance in NYC’s fast-moving culture.

Elke Dehner
Head of Marketing and Communications, Rubin Museum of Art

Stacey Aldrich Logo

The Library of the Future already exists, and together we helped people to see, name, and tell this important story. You really translated and brought this vision to life. I’m really proud of the storytelling toolkit and interactive fold-out map we published for the Creative Commons, and the top-rated trainings we delivered across multiple states. Our work over the years still reverberates across the library sector.

Stacey Aldrich
State Librarian of Hawaii

Examples of Clients and Needs Served

  • Venture capitalists commercializing research lab findings and technologies

  • CEO architecting the next-level of innovation for their 80-person company.

  • Senior executive building thought leadership for the firm and his practice area.

  • Hollywood veterans reimagining the music business with a new disruptive model

  • Best-selling author bringing a nuanced difficult subject into mainstream acceptance

  • Renown physician using clinical data to transform their medical speciality

  • Recognized expert refining their go-to keynote presentation for influencer audiences

  • Head of mar/com framing a reinvention story for their executive team and board

  • Co-founders of a high-growth company scaling their unique culture as they expand

  • CEO of a Silicon Valley startup raising a Series A & humanizing their technology

Outputs and Outcomes

Story Narrative Image

The power of your story grows exponentially as more people accept your story as their truth.


Who is Michael Margolis?

Michael is a leading story coach, entrepreneur, and expert in innovation adoption.

Michael Margolis Headshot
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My mission to serve senior executives, venture investors, corporate marketers, visionary entrepreneurs and global thought leaders. For the last 15 years, I’ve been a story advisor to clients ranging from Google, NASA, Deloitte, Bonnaroo and Greenpeace. Trained as a cultural anthropologist, I’m deeply versed in the nuances of change leadership and executive presencing.

My approach to storytelling is uniquely rooted in human-centered design, buddhist philosophy, lean startup methods, ancient wisdom, and the neuro-science of belief. During my first career as a social entrepreneur, I was funded by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations before the age of 23. And a startup failure by the age of 24. This set me off on the quest of deep story work. I speak on stages including TEDx, SXSW, Zappos Insights, Fast Company, and Open Data Science Conference. You can find more of my story philosophy on Twitter, @getstoried, where I engage with 250,000 followers on a daily basis.

How it works

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Michael becomes your coach

Imagine having someone to translate your big ideas into the right presentation. A coach that can take the complexity of your work and its nuanced details to find the core truth that will move any audience.

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Bring your raw material

All you have to do is show up, talk, and we’ll bring your story to life. I’ll ask powerful questions, provide the right amount of nudge, and offer relevant insights and direction. In the process we map out the new strategic story of whatever key outcomes you’re working on.

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Meet every week or two

We meet every week or two – and do this, again, and again. It’s like having your own personal Head of Communications, strategic story coach, trusted advisor, and personal growth counselor all rolled into one.


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