Brands as Storytellers – How to sell a boring ass product

Brands as Storytellers: #BrandsConf NY 2011
A moderated discussion amongst brands which leverage the real-time social web to share their stories.

Jonathan Kay (@GrasshopperBuzz) – Ambassador of Buzz,
Michael Margolis (@getstoried)

Watch this killer 10-minute video where Jonathan Kay and and Michael Margolis discuss how to build a tribe around a “boring ass product”. Jonathan irreverently dispels some of the myths associated with social media and brand storytelling — by focusing on key questions, such as:

  • Why most approaches to social media can be kind of B.S.
  • How to use social media to create personalized intimate connection
  • How to go beyond testimonials to tell the real customer story

With 40,000 customers and going strong with zero sales staff, Grasshopper has come to embody and champion the “entrepreneurs story”. Just one of dozens of sessions at this year’s #140 BrandsConf, hosted by Jeff Pulver. Watch Michael as he draws out Jonathan in this no-holds barred conversation.

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  1. Melissa Marie Miko

    Thanks Dusty, this was such a valuable video. I’m inspired by Grasshopper, and may even need them for my businesses!

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