About Storied

Who is Storied?

We are truth-seekers teaching a new paradigm of story; focused on the essential narratives leaders need to communicate. Big bets to moonshots to transformational initiatives. It’s what we love.

How to Tell a Disruptive Story

It’s not easy to challenge the status quo. Yet you’re asked to do it everyday. How do you present the story of a disruptive future without putting your audience on the defensive? We’d love to show you how.
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Why Story?

Communications is everything. It’s how you inspire and influence. So why do all have such a hard time with it.? Story by nature provokes, excites, and engages. You just need the right framework and tools to apply it.



We believe big visions need big stories to match. Storytelling is at the root of all transformation: personal, cultural, and corporate. Our work together empowers you as a leader to level-up your impact. 

Our Mission
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Since 2002, we’ve served many of the world’s most forward thinking organizations. Long before storytelling was a buzzword, we were deep in the dojo. Working across 34 industries, 16 countries, and training tens of thousands of next-level leaders. 

Storied is a Verb

Story is how we find our place in the world. It’s what connects us, motivates us, gives our lives meaning and makes us human. It’s what drives communities forward and makes business ventures prosper.

Meet the Team

Michael margolis

CEO and Founder

jodi bepler

Chief of Staff

Gary Goldstein

Gary Goldstein

VP of Strategic Growth

Karoline Monkvik

Manager, Talent & Systems

Jordan Short

jordan short

Creative Director

angela ekstowicz

Executive Assistant

Carl Wilson

Design/Business Solutions

Bonnie Lavell

Creative Copywriting

Sandra Wells

Learning Design

Marina Terteryan

Service & Experience Design

Heidi Huntington
Heidi Huntington


Sharna Fabiano


Our Collaborative Network

Ameen Haque

Ameen Haque

Storytelling Trainer

Alison NorRington

Cross Platform Storytelling

Tane Hunter

Tane Hunter

Futurist & Storyteller

Angus Hervey

Angus Hervey

Futurist & Storyteller

Donna Lichaw
Donna Lichaw
Story Coach & Trainer
Peter Economy

peter economy

Thought Leadership

Jesse Finkelstein

jesse finkelstein

Thought Leadership

Pam Slim

Pam Slim

Learning Design

Our Partners

Future Crunch

More chocolate, more love

Choco Libre is a luxury chocolate subscription and social club, launching in Q1 2019. This is our first venture from Storied Labs. We take advisory and equity positions in select start-ups who want to follow the Storied playbook.

How Can we help You?

If you’ve got a big vision that needs a big story, we’d love to talk. We work with Silicon Valley icons, Fortune 500s, venture-backed startups, and social change-makers. Anyone disrupting their industry with a transformational vision.