A Transformation Accelerator

Helping world class organizations better narrate the future.


Trusted advisors, messaging catalysts, change facilitators

Get Storied is a transformation accelerator for world-class organizations. We advise Silicon Valley leaders
and global change-makers on how they can better narrate the future. With iconic clients including
Facebook, Google, Greenpeace, NASA, and Bonnaroo.

We are small boutique advisory that partners with the C-Suite and heads of product, design, and marketing. To craft strategic narratives that inspire and influence at the highest levels. For high-stakes moments including strategy decks, quarterly business reviews, investor pitches, marketing campaigns, and employee townhalls. Our work is at the intersection of strategic communications, design thinking, and change leadership. We offer proprietary frameworks that deliver a breakthrough way to frame disruptive technology, humanize change, and deliver on the promise of business transformation. While addressing the hidden forces that put stakeholders on the defensive and prevent innovation to take hold.

We are currently working with product teams at Facebook on some of the biggest-scale narratives that you can imagine. We are also proud of our diverse work including on the future of public libraries, the future of healthcare, and framing activist narratives that go beyond “hero, victim, villain.” Our work uniquely adapts 30,000 years of storytelling for the age of disruption. 

Our Philosophy

Story is how we find our place in the world. It’s what connects us, motivates us, gives our lives meaning and makes us human. It’s what drives communities forward and makes business ventures prosper.

Storytelling is at the root of all transformation: cultural, corporate, and personal. We believe big visions need big stories to match, and that inside every human being is a story waiting to be told. More so today than ever before.

We believe in the power of collaborative community, and the choices you can always make to change your story. We believe in messages that make people feel inspired and connected to something greater. We are truth-seekers teaching a new paradigm of story.

Get Storied Team

Michael Margolis

CEO & Chief Storyteller

Jodi Bepler

Chief of Staff

Karoline Monkvik



Gary Goldstein

Strategic Counsel

Marina Terteryan

Service & Experience Designer

Sandra Wells

Learning Design


Deganello Giraudie

Senior Consultant


Creative Director


Design/Business Solutions