Our mission is to humanize business by helping innovators and change-makers translate their epic ideas into cultural acceptance.


Storytelling Empowered for the 21st Century

What started as a small consultancy has grown into the world’s leading school for business storytelling. Our founder, Michael Margolis, began the Get Storied journey in 2002, and has shared our teachings with NASA, TEDx, SXSW, Greenpeace and Zappos. Today, we reach over 250,000 change-makers every month.

Our Philosophy

Story is how we find our place in the world. It’s what connects us, motivates us, gives our lives meaning and makes us human. It’s what drives communities forward and makes business ventures prosper.

Storytelling is at the root of all transformation: cultural, corporate, and personal. We believe big visions need big stories to match, and that inside every human being is a story waiting to be told. More so today than ever before.

We believe in the power of collaborative community, and the choices you can always make to change your story. We believe in messages that make people feel inspired and connected to something greater. We are truth-seekers teaching a new paradigm of story.

Get Storied Team