What did you think of my Storytelling Manifesto? (Here’s the link again).

If you’d like to learn more, I’ve assembled some of my favorite videos on the subject below. They’re designed to help you understand the bigger context for storytelling in your work.

First of all, it’s not easy explaining visionary, innovative, or game-changing efforts.

And it’s even harder when your brand, business, or cause has lost its spark. In fact, repositioning or reframing your message is often the obstacle that stands in the way of serious growth. If you just had the right story to tell…

Storytelling unlocks the key to reinvention, relevance, and relationship.

I’ve spent my life decoding the narrative process – literally, the DNA source code of human connection. And I’ve come to crack this riddle through much struggle and exploration of my own. So if you’re curious about my own back story, or how you can use storytelling for social media, culture change, or even brand innovation – there’s a free video to choose from below.

Let me know which of these videos is your favorite. Add a comment at the bottom of this page.

Personal Back Story Video

Here’s a short introduction to who I am and what motivates me. You’ll learn a little about my unconventional childhood and how I came to be so obsessed with storytelling.

Cruising Around With a Dude Named Carlo

Ever been interviewed in a moving vehicle? Here I am driving around town with my South African-Canadian friend Carlo of the ShotGun Show. This episode gets “really off the hook”, fast. If you want to see the silly me while learning about entrepreneurial storytelling this is a video to watch.

Extended Interview at Zappos Insights

If you’re interested in the link between culture and storytelling, watch this mind-bending session with one of my best friends, Robert Richman of Zappos. We cover all sorts of topics related to culture change, brand values, and how to get others to believe in your story.

The Resume is Dead, The Bio is King

In this 5-minute Ignite-style presentation you’re introduced to the idea of writing a kick-ass bio. Really fun quick vid about the subject.

This Week in Social Media with Robert Tercek

Watch this provocative conversation with my good friend and media visionary Robert Tercek. We totally geek out on the role of storytelling in social media. (Excuse the background, Mahalo! just moved their offices that day and we were recording in a makeshift studio).

Interview with David Siteman Garland

In this extended profile you learn “behind the scenes” how I built a DIY Media Empire. Recorded back in 2010, a lot has evolved since. Still, it’s a fun conversation with legendary mediapreneur David Garland of TheRiseToTheTop.com.

Hire Me As a Keynote Speaker or Workshop Trainer

Would you like to bring this empowering and expansive message to your conference or organization? I deliver on average 20-30 engagements a year around the globe and they are all tuned to the unique story needs and cultural context of my audience.

These range from training for Zappos, Audubon, Etsy, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Points of Light and NASA to conferences like SXSW, BlogWorld, and Maryland Nonprofits. I also work with internet marketers and the personal development space. To learn about my keynote topics and submit an inquiry click here. Excited to connect with you soon.