Here at Get Storied, we offer several core products to get you rolling with your storytelling education. Whether it’s learning how to write a better bio, reinvent your business, or launch a new brand or personal platform, our tools and workshops will help you tell a bigger story.

Are you telling the right story? 

storyU_logo_72dpi-08Imagine telling your story – and everyone in the room “gets it.” People are inspired, intrigued and engaged. They want to be a part of what you’re up to. They see themselves in your story.

Story University is a learning community and developmental pathway for 21st century business storytelling. It starts with a Level 1 intensive that will introduce you to the tools and self-inquiry practice needed to get your story straight. Whether you are an innovator, change-maker, entrepreneur – or anyone with a big story to tell, this is a chance for you to go deep into your story, and apply it directly to your brand, business or personal platform. 

Be a part of the founding StoryU cohort by joining at one of our live immersions: May 17-18th in the San Francisco Bay Area, and June 28-29th in New York City. Or look for Story University online, coming this fall.

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What happens when you tell your story?

Introducing the proven 7-step process that shows you how to tell your story in a compelling and memorable way, so you can stand out from the crowd, have more influence, and expand your business.

The New About Me is an online toolkit which teaches you step-by-step how to tell and share your personal story – without the need for bragging, boasting, or hiding. You’ll emerge with a new bio story to use on your “About” page, LinkedIn, Facebook, and anywhere you need to talk about you.

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We’re all facing the need to change the story, but HOW?

The stories we tell change the world.

We’ve always had the innate ability to re-invent our lives. All it takes is a fundamental change in the story.

The problem is, most of us  don’t know what story to tell. Or if we have the story, we don’t know how to get others to believe in that same story.

The old ways just aren’t working. Yet the new paths are still emerging. We need a new vocabulary. The Reinvention Summit is our invitation into that bigger story.

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