Author Michael Margolis on January 25, 2011

Interview: Sally Kempton on Meditation for the Love of It and Yoga of Story 01.25.11

In this latest installment of The New Storytellers, I talk 1-on-1 with Sally Kempton, a teaching swami (monk) in the Saraswati order of Indian monks who’s work integrates the wisdom of traditional yoga tantra with the insights of contemporary evolutionary spirituality and cutting edge psychology.

Sally has a new book out, called Meditation for the Love of It, which I recommend to everyone. It’s unlike any meditation book I’ve ever read before (and I’ve read my share!). Why? Because it presents a contemporary and Tantric perspective on the practice of meditation. Most of us worry that we “don’t know how to meditate”, “we’re doing it wrong”, or just plain dread the idea of sitting with ourselves. Sally’s book slays those dragons with a loving embrace. The book teaches a process of empowerment for how to turn meditation into a sublime journey of inner-inquiry. It’s the book on meditation I’ve been waiting for all my life. It teaches countless exercises and techniques that unleash your own creative wisdom through the yoga of story.

For more on the yoga of story, read one of my favorite blog posts: You Can’t Change Anything You Hate.

In this 35-minute video interview with Sally we discuss her book, and one’s relationship with story as part of a Tantric meditation practice.

Meditation for the Love of It”

Sally’s indispensable on-the-mat guide to making your meditation a profound, adventuresome, and deeply enjoyable relationship with your inner self. Meditation for the Love of It–written in Sally’s clear, personal style–explores the theory and practical reality of meditation practice–including the whys and hows of core meditation techniques, the best ways to work with thoughts and emotions, the meaning of experiences at every level, and the secrets of tuning into the power at the heart of meditation. An updated version of Sally’s classic Heart of Meditation, which so many people have used as their hands-on companion in building and sustainable practice. Forward by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.

About Sally Kempton

Sally Durgananda Kempton is one of today’s most experienced and authentic teachers of meditation and inner evolution. Known for her ability to transmit deep inner experience through transformative practices and contemplation, she teaches students how to live from the space of an awakened heart in work, relationships and challenging situations.

Sally spent 20 years as a teaching swami (monk) in the Saraswati order of Indian monks, and her work integrates the wisdom of traditional yoga tantra with the insights of contemporary evolutionary spirituality and cutting edge psychology. Through her Awakened Heart Tantra workshops and teleconferences, her ongoing Transformative Practice Journey trainings, and through her regular column in Yoga Journal, she points out a path to inner awakening that embraces mind, heart and spirit.

Kempton was a disciple of the great Indian guru Swami Muktananda. In his ashrams, she received a traditional training in yoga philosophy and practice, and became a popular teacher, deeply versed in the teachings and practices of both Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism. In 2002, Sally began teaching independently, becoming known for her meditation workshops as well as for her trainings in applying spiritual wisdom to daily life situations.

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