Author Jodi Bepler on June 14, 2011

Help build the Global Storytelling Movement

We know you care about storytelling. We share in your passion and curiosity. Lately, we’ve been struggling to keep up with our stretched capacity and growing demand. It seems the interest in storytelling is definitely leveling up around the world.

Want to be at the Nexus of the Global Storytelling Movement?

We need your help and passion. Here’s you’re chance to get involved. Join our growing team of volunteers and creative instigators! We’re assembling a global storytelling collaborative and cohort across 3 areas:

  1. Editorial/social media team (Think online magazine on story trends)
  2. Conference design team (Next Reinvention Summit, November 2011)
  3. Guest contributor program (Sharing your own storytelling insights)

We’ll staff up the teams and provide a seed vision and structure. You’ll be given some creative freedom to contribute in meaningful ways. In return, you’ll gain status, experience, and exposure. Sound fun? Just tell us how your values, interests, and skills align with ours.

Fill out our short form by Tuesday, July 28, 2011.

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