FREE Storytelling Mini-Conference

Next week as you may know is Storytelling’s Biggest Online Conference

We’ve curated some of our favorite bite-size presentations from 7 storytelling experts that are part of next week’s Reinvention Summit. It’s like speed-dating for storytelling ideas and insights. Hope you enjoy the free videos below, a tasty appetizer to what’s happening next week with 20 hours of storytelling lessons and insights (all online).

Dive into the FREE Storytelling Mini-Conference Below:

  • Oren Klaff on How to Pitch Anything – 4:57 MIN
  • Rohit Bharghava on How to Reinvent Marketing – 16:37 MIN
  • Bo Eason on Your Personal Story Power – 7:09 MIN
  • Jonah Sachs on Social Change Storytelling – 18:41 MIN
  • Marie Forleo on How to Reinvent Yourself – 2:33 MIN
  • Robert Tercek on how to reclaim the Power of Personal Narrative – 16:38 MIN
  • Michael Margolis on how to Tell your Story Online – 5:45 MIN

Of course, after seeing these videos, you might be eager to go deeper. Good news! There’s still time to join us for Reinvention Summit 2: storytelling’s biggest online conference. I’d LOVE for you to be a part of this global virtual summit and a gathering of the storytelling tribes. More information on how to sign-up and save is included if you scroll to the end past the six videos.

Want to join the storytelling party?

If storytelling is part of your professional learning agenda, then Reinvention Summit 2 is an unparalleled online gathering. In addition to the speakers above, we’ve got storytelling experts from Zappos, Cirque de Soleil, PBS, The Moth and many more to learn more. It happens all online so you don’t have to travel or spend a crazy amount of money. Everything is recorded for playback on-demand and you get to connect with hundreds of likeminds.

When you sign-up you receive a 2-for-1 ticket. Which means you can split the cost with a friend, or pay forward your 2nd ticket as a gift to someone else. We’re doing something new, different, and risky – in service to the larger storytelling movement. Take a look and let me know what you think. It’s ever evolving and welcome your input.
P.S. Register now – You can save $75 if you sign up before midnight EST on Thursday. Use code RS2TRIBEat checkout. This discount expires on Thursday April 12, so don’t wait.

P.S.S. If you’d rather just get on the Reinvention Summit email list, we have a FREE 5-part video series on storytelling in the digital age. You can sign-up here.

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