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Note: The following post is based on my article “The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King.” Recently, I shared with you a video of Chris Rene the guy who went from hauling trash and addiction to stardom, thanks to his storytelling skills and musical talent. If you’ve ever watched talent shows like American Idol […]

The Power of Storytelling: From Hauling Trash and Addiction to Stardom


Chris Rene tells his superhero story with passion and the killer combo of truth and love. He’s interesting, interested, and makes himself stand out because he knows how to tell his story. Chris has zero fancy credentials I’m aware of. He hauls trash for a living. And yet, he’s inspired us with his heroic story, one he probably wasn’t even aware he had to this extent. And this can be true for your story, too.

Brands as Storytellers – How to sell a boring ass product

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Brands as Storytellers: #BrandsConf NY 2011 A moderated discussion amongst brands which leverage the real-time social web to share their stories. Jonathan Kay (@GrasshopperBuzz) – Ambassador of Buzz, Michael Margolis (@getstoried) Watch this killer 10-minute video where Jonathan Kay and and Michael Margolis discuss how to build a tribe around a “boring ass product”. […]

Meet Michael at the BlogWorld Expo in NYC 5/24/11


Hey – come say hi to Michael at BlogWorld! He’ll be talking about his new favorite subject: The New About Me: Who Taught You How To Write Your Bio? Everybody has Credentials. What you need to share is more Character. Forget the buzzword sleaze around personal branding, we’re going to discuss how to bring your […]