The Paradox of Social Change Storytelling

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Why Are Most Public Interest Stories so Un-Interesting? Many of our readers work in the nonprofit sector. In my experience, there’s nothing more compelling than storytelling around a cause or issue. Whenever you have someone facing and overcoming big challenges, there’s an interesting story to be told. Yet, you’re often dealing with taboo topics many […]

Stop Trying to Change The World: Find a Better Mission


“Helping others to reach their potential” is not your life’s mission. Neither is it “to make the world a better place.” Nor is it to “teach others how to grow and transform their lives.” Sorry. I know, I might be upsetting you right now. Just bear with me… The above statements are descriptions of your […]

Interview: Paul Costello on Middle East Peace 5.11.10


I’m thrilled to be interviewing my guest Paul Costello, founder of the Center for Narrative Studies and director of New Story Leadership for the Middle East. Paul is one of my earliest mentors in the field. We’ll be discussing a new theology for storytelling in this modern world. Exploring the re-defining boundaries of narrative across time and space, and culture. Paul Costello is currently engaged in the most challenging narrative project of his life.