Your Big Audience Blind Spot

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One of the biggest blind spots in marketing is thinking of your audience in abstract terms. We forget that our audience is actually real, living people with emotions and needs and struggles. The more you design a story with empathy—imagining the everyday needs and interests, the inner conflicts of your audience—the better your chances that they will hear what you have to say.

What Every Innovator Needs to Master: The Origin Story

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By definition, an innovator is doing something that is new, different, or hasn’t existed before. As an innovator, the biggest challenge you’ll face is the doubt in other people’s minds—about who you are and what you’re selling. Why should we even trust you? To help cross this bridge, we need to understand where you come from. We love the underdog. We’re hard-wired for it. And we want to know how it all began.

5 Fantastic Reasons to Attend Story Blueprint Intensive

Are you facing a tremendous challenge? Do you need to grow or reposition your organization? What if you could walk in to work one day with a giant roll of blueprints for change under your arm? Detailed, step-by-step plans to help you manage the incredibly complex process of communicating a new story? That’s exactly what […]

Inside the Storytelling Matrix, Part 1: Problem and Paradox

This article is the first in a groundbreaking series on The Storytelling Matrix: a subtle field of energy at the heart of all business matters.  You’d think that a problem makes for an interesting story. And often it does…If George Clooney and Mark Walhberg didn’t get caught in “The Perfect Storm” who’d care about watching […]

Reinvention Summit Archives: [VIDEO] How to Build a Transmedia StoryWorld

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In case you’re living under a rock, and haven’t heard about Reinvention Summit 2: Storytelling’s Biggest Online Conference, April 16-20. You have just 7 days till earlybird pricing expires on March 31, 2012. Here’s a sample session from our first Reinvention Summit in November 2010.  Learn from story architect Lance Weiler Lance was just one of […]