5 Fantastic Reasons to Attend Story Blueprint Intensive

Are you facing a tremendous challenge? Do you need to grow or reposition your organization? What if you could walk in to work one day with a giant roll of blueprints for change under your arm? Detailed, step-by-step plans to help you manage the incredibly complex process of communicating a new story? That’s exactly what […]

Inside the Storytelling Matrix, Part 1: Problem and Paradox

This article is the first in a groundbreaking series on The Storytelling Matrix: a subtle field of energy at the heart of all business matters.  You’d think that a problem makes for an interesting story. And often it does…If George Clooney and Mark Walhberg didn’t get caught in “The Perfect Storm” who’d care about watching […]

Reinvention Summit Archives: [VIDEO] How to Build a Transmedia StoryWorld

transmedia storytelling

In case you’re living under a rock, and haven’t heard about Reinvention Summit 2: Storytelling’s Biggest Online Conference, April 16-20. You have just 7 days till earlybird pricing expires on March 31, 2012. Here’s a sample session from our first Reinvention Summit in November 2010.  Learn from story architect Lance Weiler Lance was just one of […]