The Sound of Silence, Part II – Saying No

I love the Internet. I love my iPhone. I love how technology has democratized storytelling, learning, publishing…and so much more. Yet lately, I’ve been suffering from an over-stimulated, inter-connected, 21st century nervous breakdown of sorts. Perhaps you’re feeling the same frustration?

Three Ways to Turn Obstacles into Gifts

the gift of obstacles

Part 3 of the groundbreaking series on The Storytelling Matrix: a subtle field of energy at the heart of all business matters. You may also enjoy the first post in the series, Problem and Paradox, or the second, The Power of Personal Disclosure. Obstacles suck. They are what you try to avoid or work around. […]

My Crazy (Wonderful) Health Regimen

healing regimen

As I revealed in my recent video blog post, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia about six months ago. In this post I detail a range of health insights and breakthroughs I’ve used to get better (somewhat miraculously), while I’m still on the mend. It appears that many of us are struggling with a […]

I’m Sorry I Missed Your Party, I Couldn’t Get Out of Bed


You might have noticed, I’ve been really quiet for the last few months. Aside from a few recent emails…I sort of went MIA on social media, the blog, our newsletter. Of course, all that’s changing with the gear up to Reinvention Summit 2 coming this April. What you probably don’t realize is that I’ve been sick. Really […]

Stop Trying to Change The World: Find a Better Mission


“Helping others to reach their potential” is not your life’s mission. Neither is it “to make the world a better place.” Nor is it to “teach others how to grow and transform their lives.” Sorry. I know, I might be upsetting you right now. Just bear with me… The above statements are descriptions of your […]

Interview: Desda Zuckerman and Your Soul’s Bigger Story


In this latest installment of The New Storytellers, I talk 1-on-1 with Desda Zuckerman, a lifelong seeker of the esoteric mysteries. Her study of the subtle energy she witnesses around all living things has lead to the founding of Core Individuation, an intentional healing modality and the mapping of sacred human anatomy. If you are a seeker who wants to accelerate your power, presence, and heart — this is the real deal.