Three Ways to Turn Obstacles into Gifts

the gift of obstacles

Part 3 of the groundbreaking series on The Storytelling Matrix: a subtle field of energy at the heart of all business matters. You may also enjoy the first post in the series, Problem and Paradox, or the second, The Power of Personal Disclosure. Obstacles suck. They are what you try to avoid or work around. […]

5 storytelling tips to make networking feel good again

Michael Margolis Business Card

Dude, my grandpa Arkie is the most incredible storyteller in the world. He was a canned soup salesman for probably 50 years. And he still has an uncanny ability to turn any topic into something interesting. Seriously, ANY topic. Red Georgia clay. Golf club etiquette. SAT scores. In his hands, it becomes funny, intriguing, and […]

3 Case-Studies of Good Bios that Create Results


Some people want to tell their story because they have a message they’re passionate about sharing and spreading. Others want to tell a story that makes them stand out and makes them memorable so they can land better job and business opportunities. Whatever your reason is, by now you understand the importance of identifying your […]

Storytelling to Land Better Job and Business Opportunities

Tell Your Story

Note: The following post is based on my article “The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King.” Recently, I shared with you a video of Chris Rene the guy who went from hauling trash and addiction to stardom, thanks to his storytelling skills and musical talent. If you’ve ever watched talent shows like American Idol […]