Our 5 Favorite Tools for Marketing Yourself Online

This is Jodi, Director of Everything at Get Storied. 

 As we approach the new year, I want to give you a peek behind the scenes. 

 Do you want to build a stronger online presence in 2015? Do you have a product or message that needs to reach more people? Here are 5 of […]

You are a Storyteller, and You Have a Story Worth Telling.


Here at Get Storied, we believe that everyone is a storyteller, and everyone has a story worth sharing. Today’s connected world is rapidly changing how we tell and share stories — and now more than ever, everyone can be heard. This is more than a small change. This is a movement. The possibilities inside of this radical shift are incredible — and we’re only just starting to wake up to what it means.

An Incredible Day in the History of Get Storied.

#140 Brands Conference

It’s time for the next chapter of your story — and ours. Get Storied is launching the first round of Story University, Level 1, with two live events in San Francisco and New York City. Whether you’re an organizational leader, a coach or consultant, or a change-maker within your organization, we teach powerful principles and practices for business transformation. As we roll out our series of public programs, these next level courses focus on overcoming blind spots, facilitating deep culture shifts, and understanding how to transform and humanize the world you live in.