The Feel Good Principle: How Hormones, Habits, and Behavior Affect Storytelling.

get storied may 2014-4

We avoid stuff that hurts, feels bad, or is painful. It’s a basic human principle — embrace pleasure, and avoid pain. If you want to change a habit, add positive reinforcement. Make yourself feel good, not bad, about what you want. We call this The Feel Good Principle.

Pre-sale Now Open for StoryU Online – Wait List Available

A few days ago, we opened a discounted pre-sale for the first 30 people who signed up for our 8-week course StoryU Online–coming this fall. We sold out in less than 24 hours! If you are interested, be sure to sign up here. We’ll send you updates and bonus content, plus you’ll receive priority enrollment […]

Story University, 12 Years in the Making

Today marks a special day in the history of Get Storied. It’s with great excitement and gratitude that I announce our launch of the next generation of Story University—a global learning community dedicated to transformational storytelling. We’re going to start deliberately, with a deep intention for sustained community-building. You have an opportunity to be there […]

5 Core Elements Every Innovator Needs to Master: Your Audience Story

  Your Big Audience Blind Spot One of the biggest blind spots I see in marketing is thinking of your audience in abstract terms. How easily we forget that our audience is actually real, living people with emotions and needs and struggles. Every single person is an individual. Don’t over-intellectualize your audience—get personal. When you’re […]

5 Core Elements Every Innovator Needs to Master: Your Origin Story

  Once Upon a Time… Nike was…a waffle iron and a college athletic coach. CharityWater was…a nightclub promoter who decided to throw a kickass birthday party. Google was…two Stanford nerds in a dorm room with pizza and an algorithm. Before these epic brands became household names, they each had a humble origin story for how […]