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If you’re trying to influence, persuade, or convince others to believe in your message, you need to read this book. This storytelling manifesto is designed to provoke, inspire, and get you thinking in a more expansive manner.

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Email, tweet, and blog about this free resource (use link: Share your own reflections about the need for a “bigger story.” If you tweet, mention @getstoried. Lets bring storytelling into a new level of mainstream awareness. You’re invited to help co-create what’s next. Now that you’re on the list, you’ll hear from us periodically about new story resources and programs.

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It’s available at Enjoy the “cuddle factor” of the bright yellow print version that you can dog-ear, mark-up, and reference. It also makes a great gift for friends and co-workers.

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  • Wendy

    Thank you! Can’t wait to read and apply 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind note. Look forward to your further comments!

  • Thanks! Love the TShirt

    • Thanks Nick! We finally got in the Based on True Story T-shirts. Will go up
      on the site for sale in the next 24 hours.

  • Manny R

    Michael, heard your interview with Jim Hopkinson and really enjoyed it. I wander if you have advice for improving  LinkedIn Profiles – mine is Crap – i am reworking however some advice would be much appreciated.
    Manny – Sydney

  • Just watched your interview with Mike Koenigs. Great to find your material. An important topic and well done.

  • BranchWhitney

    Very cool you are letting us download your book. I just bought it through Amazon, but glad to contribute. 

  • Anonymous

    Watched your interview with Mike Koenigs really enjoyed it

  • Tim Mushey

    Hi Michael. I watched the interview with Mike Koenigs during the week, and just downloaded Believe Me. I have been waiting for the type of content for a long time, and am so glad that I was exposed to your work through Mike K. This is exactly what I have needed to jump start my online business. Keep up the great work, and good luck in the future!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Michael for sharing your book. I look forward to learning more, implementing and sharing with others.

  • I love this.  Thank you Michael.  I’m looking forward to working with you and our LifeStory Designers.

  • Just got your book too and loved it.

  • John

    Watched the video interview with you and Mike Koenigs … exciting … watched the whole thing.

  • This looks like a great book and I am certainly going to share it with others so not only can I benefit from it but others.

  • Ddyson313

    Michael, thank-you – this looks very promising and I am looking forward to getting into book over the holiday weekend.

  • Reading “Believe me”, really!

  • It’s very generous of you to share this wonderful manifesto. I really enjoyed it and passed it on to FB and twitter. Thanks

  • Atarab

    lovely concept! totally true!

  • Guest

    Thank YOU!  Just what I needed and the perfect time for my business 🙂   I’m letting others know about your website – SUPER!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Michael, and thanks for this great resource. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

  • Already had the book. It’s a great inspiration. Thanks for the PDF for searching and reference.

  • thank you for the book – I cannot wait to start reading it! – and thanks to Christine too for sharing it

    • Enjoy Ancuta! And thanks to Christine too for sharing it with you.

  • rmsorg

    Thank you so much for the book!  Looking forward to reading it.. This year, it will be “About the Story” for me and my brand!


  • Starting to read and already really loving it. Thanks so much. 


  • Deborah Harowitz

    Looking forward to immersing myself in your manifesto, I just saw the paragraph above about the print version available on Amazon – I love the “cuddle factor” comment you gave it, what a great way to describe a printed book!

  • Stephanie Widmann

    Thanks, I am looking forward to reading your book.

  • Loved your etsy presentation today! Thanks.

  • Just downloaded the report.  Look forward to the video series.  Looks like a well-packaged collection of wisdom.  Stay tuned.

  • Debra

    Thanks for sharing, Michael! I also just learned about your SkillShare class, Storytelling Mojo. Do you have plans to take that class online? Sounds do-able, and then I could attend!  🙂

  • Just downloaded. Thanks, Michael. Enjoyed meeting you at Make Market Launch. Best!

  • Morris Newa

    Wow, just downloaded.  my my my… i have delved in and i like

  • mislyn

    Just watched the video from the symposium – awesome info and since I am just in the process of setting up shop it was perfect timing

  • alen

    thank you so much for the free download. I am entering the owrld of storytelling. Stories have always been fascinating. now its capability to sell things are even more amazing.

  • Dana Vasiu

    Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to read it.