3 Simple Ways to Start Your Story


How do you start your story? Once upon a time… [wait no… that’s too cliche].It was a dark and stormy night… [we’ve all heard that one before].Just the other day… [hmmm... getting better...] Let’s be honest – one of the hardest things to decide is where to start your story. If you don’t know where to […]

You are a Storyteller, and You Have a Story Worth Telling.


Here at Get Storied, we believe that everyone is a storyteller, and everyone has a story worth sharing. Today’s connected world is rapidly changing how we tell and share stories — and now more than ever, everyone can be heard. This is more than a small change. This is a movement. The possibilities inside of this radical shift are incredible — and we’re only just starting to wake up to what it means.

Getting People to Yes! Reframing The Product Story

  Even Leonardo Da Vinci Needs Help With the Story Can you imagine Leonardo in the 15th Century trying to explain to his buddies over a tankard of ale how a helicopter works: “You see, there’s this tin can…And it’s got these two steel rotator blades, it flies through the sky, and shoots cannonballs with […]