Director of Platform

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The swiss army knife of marketing, systems and business, Matt has worked with businesses worldwide – large and small – to bring a whole new level of innovation, implementation, technology, strategy, and process to the forefront of business and growth. Through diverse systems management and his dyer craving to learn the ins-and-outs of every system he comes across, Matt can tackle almost any job. An INTJ at heart, he keeps to himself most times, brainstorming and strategizing every next move. But don’t let his analytical and systems backbone deter you, he has the reputation of running the happiest teams in the most stressful conditions due to one single rule he lives by – Show the highest level of respect for your colleagues and your team and they’ll respect you… lose that trust and it’s all over. To Matt, it’s not about hierarchy and demanding delegations, but about teamwork and collaboration to unify a team into growth.

Matt lives in Sherwood, OR with his wife and daughter and couldn’t be happier. In his free time, you’ll find Matt strumming his guitar, beating up his drums, or serenading his family on piano and in the wee hours of the night, you may even find him online playing games. He has always had a great desire for personal growth and through that desire it has truly grown into always pushing that edge to “being your best self”.