Who We Are

Get Storied is an advisory and training company devoted to transformational storytelling.

We believe storytelling is a basic human birthright. Everyone has a story worth telling. When people own the story of their lives and their organizations, they become empowered to make big change.

For more than a decade, we’ve worked as storytelling architects, advising clients like Audubon, Adventist Health Systems, Bloomberg, Bonnaroo, Flavorpill, Greenpeace, Points of Light and Zappos. We work closely with CEOs, CMOs, and leaders to enliven their organizations with a narrative that aligns and accelerates their strategy, brand, innovation and/or culture. Whether you’re dealing with issues of perception, relevance or idea adoption, your story determines your future. 

Our experience spans the worlds of corporate innovation, social change-making, and high-growth start-ups. Some of our ongoing large-scale engagements are focused on the future of libraries and the soul of healthcare. We also work with Fortune 500 CMOs to help build storytelling as an organizational capability. As a global learning company, we have taught more than 30,000 people how to deepen their narrative intelligence. We lead dozens of workshops every year and publish an extensive stream of online resources in service to the growth of this emerging field. To this end, we’ve produced the Reinvention Summit: Storytelling’s Biggest Online Conference, with more than 50 of the world’s leading storytelling experts. In 2014, we’re launching the next generation of our learning platform, Story University, a learning community and developmental pathway for innovators, change-makers and entrepreneurs who are ready to tell a bigger story. 

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to humanize business by helping corporate innovators, social change-makers, and marketers translate game-changing ideas into cultural acceptance. Our vision is to build a global learning community devoted to in-depth, actionable and transformational teachings for 21st century storytelling.

What We Do

Get Storied is devoted to the most important stories of our time – cultural inflection points where change is inevitable. These sectors include finance, technology, libraries, healthcare, wellness, the environment and spirituality. We selectively consult to organizations with a game-changing agenda. And we teach dozens of workshops that turn storytelling into a skill and mindset for executives, marketers, and change-makers. In simple terms, we build your personal and organizational capability for storytelling. We work at the intersection of innovation design, storytelling architecture, and anthropology. If you are looking to drive growth and embrace the humanization of business, we have extensive experience to share and collaborate with you.

Our core service offerings include:

  1. Advisory – We consult to CEOs, CMOs and their  teams on storytelling architecture and alignment
  2. Training – We deliver customized workshops and facilitate high-stakes meetings/forums
  3. Story University – We produce live and online business storytelling intensives for change-makers and innovators

As trusted advisors, we will help you:

  • Architect your story for heightened receptivity and engagement
  • Accelerate your ability to innovate and execute by aligning the culture
  • Translate vision or strategy into a story everyone can embrace
  • Redefine your brand and/or shift how key audiences perceive you
  • Ensure that a high-stakes initiative doesn’t get lost in translation

Our Origins 

Long before the current rise of storytelling, we were forging the path. Our founder, Michael Margolis, began working with storytelling in 2002, when he started one of the world’s first consultancies devoted to strategic storytelling (with clients including NASA, Ernst & Young, Marriott, Omnicom, and The Nature Conservancy). A former social entrepreneur, Michael felt something was missing from the conversation in the areas of business and social innovation. This launched him on a quest deep into the heart of storytelling 12 years ago. 

Michael launched Get Storied in 2009 with his storytelling manifesto, Believe Me, a book since enjoyed by more than 20,000 fans around the world. Get Storied has since grown to include a diverse team of innovation designers, storytelling practitioners, and operational staff. Our popular e-course, The New About Me, teaches how to talk about yourself and tell your story online (your bio, About page, personal brand). We also produce the Reinvention Summit: Storytelling’s Biggest Online Conference with 50 of the world’s leading storytelling experts. We’ve since created Story University as a live learning platform for innovators, change-makers and entrepreneurs. To learn more about how to tell a game-changing, start by downloading our Storytelling Manifesto by clicking below. If you like what you read, please review the book on Amazon